Japanese Samurai History

Do you have any image for Samurai? Samurai was the name of swordsmen.The Samurai were like knights.
Do you know Rurouni Kenshin&The Last Samurai?It is the image of one of the samurai.There are many others.I will introduce the story that became a model of the Last Samurai.

Image of my samurai is here

It is a favorite anime. It is recommended for me.
I will introduce the video of Samurai you do not know.
It is a period drama on the theme of the samurai.
There are many period drama. Among them, I will introduce the Mito Komon.
It is a period drama like me. I saw with my grandfather.

But you know?
Skill of the samurai has been passed down today.Kendo, judo is one of them.
It is inherited as a sport.
It is separate from it.There are traditional martial arts.I will introduce a little.

I will introduce a little.

NIHON KOBUDO ASSOCIATION (Japan Traditional martial arts)

Translating it difficult, I will introduce in Japanese.
 Youtube 中村八幡宮奉納演武の様子。

I have to tell about the samurai.

Finally, I will introduce a video.

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